Carroll Futsal
Winter Futsal
Futsal is played with a low bounce ball which helps players develop their dribbling and ball control skills. Unlike indoor soccer, it is played without using walls. For more information visit U.S. Youth Futsal
  • UPDATE: 12-15-18. Emails will be sent out the weekend of 12/22 with more information and start times for each age group. If you don't receive an email by Monday 12-17 please contact me Bill Warburton
Wednesdays - January 2nd through March 27th (except 2/20 and 3/20). A total of 11 sessions. NOTE: Sessions that are cancelled due to the Ag Center closing or bad weather will not be re-scheduled.
Age groups:
u8 through college freshman
50 minute sessions. Matches will be gender specific (boys vs. boys and girls vs. girls). Start times will be between 6pm and 8pm with the younger age groups starting before 7pm.
  • UPDATE: 11-03-18. Registration is now closed except for players born in the years below:
    • 1998 to 2005 girls
* start times per age group could change depending on registrations.
Shipley Building. Carroll County Ag Center. Westminster, MD.

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The format is very relaxed. Younger players will learn a variety of dribbling moves. All age groups will play a variety of futsal pickup 4v4 games. The older age groups will warm-up, pick-up teams and play to music.
Bill Warburton

Price is $90/player.



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Video Clips From Past Sessions


Links to the complete videos are below:
Carroll Futsal